Interior Designing

Interior Designing is all about playing with the spaces. It is the art or process of designing the interior of spaces- it can be a single room or even the entire structure, can be the transition spaces or even the public spaces, keeping in mind the comfort of user functionality and feasibility of the habitable space. In short it is a creative solution which circumscribes the conceptual planning along with aesthetics and technical solution applied to achieve the desired result. It is the proper use of the built environment. DESIGNING….. appears to be very simple, but creation of spaces by prior visualization of the user’s needs requires a designer to be skilled and technically sound. Only by being creative doesn’t help a person to start his/her career as an Interior designer. That’s because of the fact that in today’s world ; Interior Designers are expected to deal with a set of other qualified designer- the architects, civil engineers, furniture designers, craftsmen, the 3d artist and many more. To work with these many disciplines, he/she needs to acquire a solid knowledge and well round education.

The scope of work of an Interior Designer has increased in today’s market. Market values the work of a qualified interior Designer rather than a interior Decorator. Today when the world has started to embrace the DIY design- a degree opens up doors for greater opportunities, it gives the designer the credentials to attract the clients attention, also gives access better internships with practical experiences. India as a developing country has a lot of opportunities in this field. At this age when dreaming about a government based job doesn’t work- a degree in Interior Designing opens up doors to a list of career options. You can start your own practice and become an entrepreneur, work for a firm under a renowned designer or even specialize in a particular skill such as furniture design, lighting etc. and start your own brand. Thus if you are head strong, creative and if spaces attracts you so much that you can actually interact with them; than interior Designing is the right career choice for you.

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