Fashion & Textile Designing

Fashion is ever changing- a constant process of selection, adoption and change. It is triggered by people, events, social, economic and technological changes. No wonder, Fashion and Apparel Designing have become one of the fastest growing professions in India in recent times. The world of clothes has expanded into a giant industry, both for the domestic market and for export. Today, the Fashion industry in India is a high growth sector with a turnover in crores. There is an ever growing demand for designers who can come up with innovative designs that are commercially viable in both domestic and export markets. With fashion becoming a big business and India emerging as one of the major players in the global apparel market, the need for qualified professionals in the field has increased tremendously.

A Fashion Designer is no longer an anonymous entity. As long as people feel the urge to dress well, there will always be a need for more designers to provide a variety of clothing that is appealing and trendy. Unlike others states of India, Assam too is basking in the success of fashion industry. Fashion hub is no more confine to the metros. Over a decade many designers have made their name in the international scene. Many success stories have been created and undoubtedly the industry has grown in leaps and bound. And with government looking for professionals in the handloom sector and providing subsidies to entrepreneurs it has become so very easy to develop oneself professionally.But yes, no doubt its challenging career because imagination and administrative skills are to combined to continue and sustain in this industry. There are many career scopes for the students who enter to this industry. A qualified Fashion Designer can work in areas like designer wear production, planning and concept management, fashion marketing, design production management, fashion accessory design and visual merchandisers. This is not the end, besides many other specialized jobs are there as fashion consultant, personal stylist, production pattern maker, fashion co-coordinator, apparel production manager, showroom sales representative, illustrator etc. Self employment is an important feature of fashion designing course. Students interested in establishing their own business and goodwill can also become entrepreneurs and open their own companies. So it is important for people who want to be part of the fashion world to have formal training.

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